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【Introduction of “Chocolat AN Flur®️” Lesson Movie】

We have started  lesson movie of  “Chocolat AN Flur”, (chocolate based white bean paste cookie), original lesson of Plumeria Blanc.

White bean paste is one of traditional materials for Japanese sweets.It has gentle sweetness and is delicious. It is also healthy.

【History of ‘AN’, a bean paste】

‘AN’, a bean paste was born in China around 5th century, Japan had imported it in 6th century. At first it was salty, but had been changed to be sweet by degrees in 14th century. And is has become to be used for Japanese sweets with green tea, for example the most famous Japanese Tea-professional Mr. Rikyu Sen had used bean paste with sesame for his tea sweets at his tea party. A bean paste was so noble and only exclusive person like emperor family or Shogun family could have at that time, but after 18th century general people could have it also.

‘AN’ has long and noble history as above. Please try and feel Japanese history!

We introduce how to make “Chocolat AN Flur ” in this movie, from material to piping flowers and baking them by degrees.

You can freeze and keep “Chocolat An Flur ” so it is useful as a gift or welcome sweets for no appointment guests.

You can watch this movie anytime and anywhere you like.

【Contents of the movie】

①Recipe of “Chocolat AN Flur” (cholate based white bean paste cookie) and how to make it

②How to make “Blanc AN Flur” (white bean paste)

③How to pipe Rose (Chocolat, Blanc)

④How to pipe Leaves

⑤How to pipe Margaret

⑥How to color

This movie has a voice and telop explanations. No time limit for this movie and you can repeat anytime. And we have free E-mail consultations

We recommend this movie for those who;

Hope to taste “Chocolat AN Flur” first

Want to check how to make it by movie

Had our lessons already and try to review

Hope to skill up piping flowers variations

We teach heartfully same as our lesson.

【Usage of our Recipe】

You can use our recipes in the movie freely but you have to mention “This recipe is from Plumeria Blanc.” clearly in your lesson or items you will sell. For example in your textbook of your lesson and mention in your SNS or website.

And the person who had purchased this movie can watch it. You are not allowed to upload this movie to internet site and resale to others.

【Price of the movie】 JPY4,980-

【How to receive】

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